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강규태 교수

  • 최종학위 : Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences (Vascular biology), Medical College of Georgia
  • 박사후연구 : Vascular biology program, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 혈관생리학, 세포치료학, 혈관모사시스템 개발
  • (현)대표보직 및 활동 : 대한약학회 총무부위원장, 혈관학회 학술위원, 대한약리학회 학술위원
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 약학관 422호, 02-901-8738
  • 최근 대표실적
    • Endothelial colony forming cells and mesenchymal progenitor cells form blood vessels and increase blood
      flow in ischemic muscle. Sci Rep (2017) 7(1):770
    • Rapid onset of perfused blood vessels after implantation of ECFCs and MPCs in collagen, PuraMatrix and
      fibrin provisional matrices. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. (2015) 9(5):632-636
    • Endothelium-derived Relaxing Factors of Small Resistance Arteries in Hypertension. Toxicol Res (2014)
    • Human vasculogenic cells form functional blood vessels and mitigate adverse remodeling after ischemia
      reperfusion injury in rats. Angiogenesis (2013) 16(4):773-784
    • Bioengineered human vascular networks transplanted into secondary mice reconnect with the host
      vasculature and re-establish perfusion. Blood (2011) 118(25):6718-6721

문애리 교수

  • 최종학위 : Ph.D. in lowa State University
  • 박사후연구 : KIST 생명공학연구원
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 약품생화학, 암생물학, 분자생물학
  • (현)대표보직 및 활동 : 대한약학회 회장, 정부업무평가위원회 위원, 한국과학기술단체총연합회 부회장
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 약학관 318호, 02-901-8394
  • 최근 대표실적
    • A novel role for flotillin-1 in H-Ras-regulated breast cancer aggressiveness.
      Int J Cancer (2016) 138:1232-45.
    • Gα12 gep oncogene deregulation of p53-responsive microRNAs promotes epithelial-mesenchymal
      transition of hepatocellular carcinoma. Oncogene (2015) 34:2910-2921.
    • Chemical inhibition of prometastatic lysyl-tRNA synthetase?laminin receptor interaction.
      Nat Chem Biol (2014) 10:29-34.
    • Inflammatory lipid sphingosine-1-phosphate upregulates C-reactive protein via C/EBPβ and potentiates
      breast cancer progression. Oncogene (2014) 33:3583-93.
    • Activating transcription factor 2 mediates matrix metalloproteinase-2 transcriptional activation induced
      by p38 in breast epithelial cells. Cancer Res (2006) 66:10487-96.

조효선 교수

  • 최종학위 : Ph.D. in Texas A&M University Health Science Center
  • 박사후연구 : Division of Gastroenterology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 면역학, 감염치료학, 바이오의약품학
  • (현)대표보직 및 활동 : 대한약학회 R&D위원, 한국미생물학회지 편집위원, 여성생명과학기술포럼 교육위원
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 약학관 308호, 02-901-8678
  • 최근 대표실적
    • Modulation of hepatitis C virus-specific CD8 effector T-cell function with antiviral effect in infectious
      hepatitis C virus coculture model. J Virol. (2017) 28:91 pii: e02129-16
    • Genipin enhances Kaposi's Sarcoma-associated herpesvirus genome maintenance. PLoS One.
      (2016) 13:11 :e0163693
    • Quercetin-induced apoptosis prevents EBV infection. Oncotarget.
      (2015) 20:12603-24.
    • Induction of multiple immune regulatory pathways with differential impact in HCV/HIV coinfection.
      Front Immunol. (2014) 8:265. doi: 10.3389
    • CTCF regulates Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus latency transcription by nucleosome
      displacement and RNA polymerase programming. J Virol. (2013) 87:1789-99.

정주희 교수

  • 최종학위 : 오사카대학교 약학대학 약학박사
  • 박사후연구 : The institute of scientific and industrial research, Osaka Univerisy,
                        선도형암연구사업단, 서울아산병원
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 예방약학, 독성학
  • (현)대표보직 및 활동 : 대한약학회 회원위원, 한국식품위생안전성학회 학술이사, 한국독성학회 독성DB위원
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 약학관 404호, 02-901-8731
  • 최근 대표실적
    • Improved chemotherapeutic efficacy of injectable chrysin encapsulated by copolymer nanoparticles,
      Int J Nanomed (2017) 12: 1-9.
    • Anticancer effects of the marine sponge Lipastrotethya sp. extract on wild-type and p53 knockout
      HCT116 cells, Evi-Based Comple Alter Med (2017) 2017(7174858): 1-6.
    • Chrysin increases the therapeutic efficacy of docetaxel and mitigates docetaxel-induced edema,
      Integ Cancer Ther (2016) April-June, 1-9.
    • Polymeric nanoparticle-docetaxel for the treatment of advanced solid tumors: phase I clinical trial
      and preclinical data from an orthotopic pancreatic cancer model, Oncotarget (2016)
      7(47): 77348-77357.
    • A cisplatin-incorporated liposome that targets the epidermal growth factor receptor enhances
      radiotherapeutic efficacy without nephrotoxicity, Int J Oncol (2015) 46: 1268-1274.

송경 교수

  • 최종학위 : 서울대 약학대학 약학박사
  • 박사후연구 : -
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 병태생리학, 단백질 치료제를 중심으로 한 신약 개발, QbD 중심의 공정연구
  • (현)대표보직 및 활동 : 여성생명과학기술포럼 학술부위원장, GMC 기관생명윤리위원회 위원, 동물실험윤리위원
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 약학관 409호, 02-901-8382
  • 최근 대표실적
    • Macrosphelide A Exhibits a Specific Anti-Cancer Effect by Simultaneously Inactivating ENO1, ALDOA, and FH. Pharmaceuticals (2021)14:1060-18
    • Nuclear Respiratory Factor-1, a Novel SMAD4 Binding Protein, Represses TGF-β/SMAD4 Signaling by Functioning as a Transcriptional Cofactor. International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2021) 22:5595-15
    • Stability and Activity of the Hyperglycosylated Human Interferon-β R27T Variant.Scientific reports (2020) 21:8412-10.
    • Glycosylation Heterogeneity of Hyperglycosylated Recombinant Human Interferon-β (rhIFN-β). ACS omega (2020) 5:6619-6627
    • A glycoengineered interferon-beta mutein generates prolonged singaling by an altered receptor-binding kinetics. Frontiers in Pharmacology (2019)98:1568-13.

이상협 교수

  • 최종학위 : College of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) 약학박사
  • 박사후연구 : Department of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 의약화학, 약품합성화학, 유기화학
  • (현)대표보직 및 활동 : 대한약학회 약학회지 편집위원장
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 약학관 413호, 02-901-8393
  • 최근 대표실적
    • Synthesis and biological evaluation of 3-substituted 5-benzylidene-1-methyl-2-thiohydantoins as potent NADPH oxidase (NOX) inhibitors. Bioorg Med Chem (2016) 24: 4144-4151.
    • Design, synthesis, and mode of action studies of a mitomycin tetramer inducing double activations with a single probe. Bioorg Med Chem (2016) 24: 4023-4031.
    • Synthesis of new 3-substituted 1-hydroxy-2-phenylindoles using sulfur-containing nucleophiles. Heterocycles (2016) 92: 2004-2007.
    • Synthesis of new 3-[(alkylthio)methyl]-1-hydroxy-2-phenylindoles. Synlett (2015) 26: 1069-1072.
    • Studies on synthesis and activation mechanism of mitomycin dimers connected by 1,2-dithiolane and diol linkers. Bioorg Med Chem (2012) 20: 5720-5729.

정우현 교수

  • 최종학위 : 서울대 생명과학부 이학박사
  • 박사후연구 : Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 세포생물학, 분자미생물학, 유전학
  • (현)대표보직 및 활동 : 대한약학회 학술위원, 한국미생물학회 재무위원, Journal of Microbiology 편집위원
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 약학관 304호, 02-901-8737
  • 최근 대표실적
    • Yap1 and Skn7 genetically interact with Rad51 in response to oxidative stress and DNA double-strand break in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Free Radic Biol Med (2016) 101:424-33.
    • Translesion Polymerases Drive Microhomology-Mediated Break-Induced Replication Leading to Complex Chromosomal Rearrangements. Mol Cell. (2015) 60:860-72.
    • Atmospheric-pressure plasma jet induces DNA double-strand breaks that require a Rad51-mediated homologous recombination for repair in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Arch Biochem Biophys. (2014) 560:1-9.
    • Pif1 helicase and Polδ promote recombination-coupled DNA synthesis via bubble migration. Nature. (2013) 502:393-6.
    • Cell cycle regulation of DNA double-strand break end resection by Cdk1-dependent Dna2 phosphorylation. Nat Struct Mol Biol. (2011) 18:1015-9.

한은영 교수

  • 최종학위 : 서울대 약학대학 약학박사
  • 박사후연구
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 사회약학, 보건의약관계법규학, 오남용약물연구
  • (현)대표보직 및 활동 : 대한약학회 기획위원, 한국법과학회 기획이사, 한국 FIP 국제협력위원
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 약학관 316호, 02-901-8736
  • 최근 대표실적
    • Illegal use patterns, side effects, and analytical methods of ketamine. Forensic Sci Int (2016) 268:25?34.
    • Relationship between methamphetamine use history and segmental hair analysis findings of MA users. Forensic Sci Int (2015) 254:59-67.
    • A study of analytical methods for the determination of propofol in blood. Arch Pharm Res (2014) 37:157-167.
    • Deaths from recreational use of propofol in Korea. Forensic Sci Int (2013) 233:333-7.
    • Segmental hair analysis and estimation of methamphetamine use pattern. International J Legal Med (2013) 127:405-11

박희준 교수

  • 최종학위 : 충남대 약학대학 약학박사
  • 박사후연구 : Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University, USA
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 약제학
  • (현)대표보직 및 활동 : 한국약제학회 학술위원회 간사
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 약학관 313호, 02-901-8589
  • 최근 대표실적
    • Complexation of exenatide and cyclodextrin: An approach for the stabilization and sustained release of exenatide in PLGA microsphere. Carbohydrate Polymers (2021) 266:118169.
    • Optimization of bilayer tablet manufacturing process for fixed dose combination of sustained release high-dose drug and immediate release low-dose drug based on quality by design. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2021) 605:120838.
    • Surface modification strategies for high-dose dry powder inhalers. Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation (2021) 51:635?668.
    • Understanding Dynamics of Polymorphic Conversion during the Tableting Process Using In Situ Mechanical Raman Spectroscop. Molecular Pharmaceutics (2020) 17:3043?3052.
    • Pure trans-resveratrol nanoparticles prepared by a supercritical antisolvent process using alcohol and dichloromethane mixtures: effect of particle size on dissolution and bioavailability in rats. Antioxidants (2020) 9:342.

김은숙 교수

  • 최종학위 : 덕성여자대학교 약학박사
  • 전공 및 연구분야 : 생물화학, 암생물학
  • 연구실 위치 및 연락처 : 자연관 A311호, 20-901-8843
  • 최근 대표실적
    • CCL8 mediates crosstalk between endothelial colony forming cells and triple-negative breast cancer cells through IL-8, aggravating invasion and tumorigenicity. Oncogene (2021) 40:3245-3259
    • C-reactive protein binds to integrin α2 and Fcγ receptor I, leading to breast cell adhesion and breast cancer progression. Oncogene (2018) 37:28-38
    • Tumor-associated macrophages secrete CCL2 and induce the invasive phenotype of human breast epithelial cells through upregulation of ERO1-α and MMP-9. Cancer Lett (2018) 437:25-34.
    • Chemical inhibition of prometastatic lysyl-tRNA synthetase?laminin receptor interaction.
      Nat Chem Biol (2014) 10:29-34.
    • Inflammatory lipid sphingosine-1-phosphate upregulates C-reactive protein via C/EBPβ and potentiates breast cancer progression. Oncogene (2014) 33:3583-93.